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Privacy statement

Hotel van Dijk V.O.F., situated at IJsselkade 30, is the responsible party for processing personal data as described in the following privacy statement.

Company details
Hotel van Dijk V.O.F.
IJsselkade 30
8261AC Kampen
+31 (0)38 33 14 925

Processing personal data

Hotel van Dijk V.O.F. processes your personal data because you are using our services and/or because you’ve shared your personal data with us. Down below you will find an overview of the personal data we process through our website:

  • First and surname (After submitting the contact form)
  • Email address (After submitting the contact form)
  • Phone number (After submitting the contact form)
  • Internet browser and type of device you are using (Through analytic cookies)
  • IP-address (After submitting the contact form)
  • Data about your surfing habits throughout various websites (After accepting the use of marketing cookies)

Processing private and sensitive data

Our website and/or service does not purposely gather data from visitors who are younger than 16 years unless they have been given permission by their parent(s) of the curator(s). However, we are not able to check whether a visitor has reached the age of 16. We recommend the parent(s) or the curator(s) to be involved in the (online) activities of their children. This way you can (try to) make sure that personal data about minors will not be gathered without explicit permission. If you are convinced that we have been gathering personal data about a minor, please get in touch with us via info@hotelvandijk.nl. Data regarding the minor will be deleted.

Reasons and objectives for processing personal data

Hotel van Dijk V.O.F. processes your personal data because you have given permission either by:

  • Submitting your personal data in our contact form
  • Shared your personal data during a conversation by phone or email

Hotel van Dijk V.O.F. processes your data because of the following reasons:

  • To email or call you (In case you have filled out the contact form)
  • To properly provide our services (eg. call by phone or send an email)
  • To make sure our administration is up to standards (as defined in the legal provisions.)

Hotel van Dijk V.O.F. tracks your surfing habits throughout several websites to make sure we can adjust our products and services to your wants and needs.


Hotel van Dijk V.O.F. does not make decisions based on automatization processes, which could have substantial consequences for any individual. Automatization as in processes and/or decisions being made by a program or system without the intervention of any human being.

Retainment of personal data

Hotel van Dijk V.O.F. does not store data longer than is required when it comes to achieving goals for which the data is collected. However, it is collected to ensure our administration is up to standards regarding our services and communication. When it comes to legal obligations we will make use of the legal time-limit that has been set by the Dutch government.

Sharing personal data with third parties

Hotel van Dijk V.O.F. does not sell your personal data to third parties and will never hand over data unless it is necessary to fulfill the contract and/or agreement that has been established between you as customer and us as a company. Exceptions are made when it comes to legal obligations. (as defined in the legal provisions)

When it comes to companies who process your personal data, we Hotel van Dijk V.O.F. have given permission to do so, therefore, we will always make sure an agreement has been signed by this party. This way we can make sure that the safety and confidentiality regarding your personal data are safely guarded and up to our standards. Hotel van Dijk V.O.F., in the end, will remain the responsible party for processing this data.

Cookies and similar technologies

Hotel van Dijk V.O.F. uses functional, analytic and/or tracking cookies. A cookie is a small text file that will be saved during your first visit to this website. It will be saved in the browser of your computer, tablet or smartphone. Hotel van Dijk V.O.F. uses cookies when it comes to technical functionalities. These cookies make sure that our website works as meant and that e.g. your preferences will be saved. Furthermore, these cookies will make sure the website works as user-friendly as possibly possible. Next, to that, cookies regarding your surfing behavior, have been placed to make sure we can offer custom content and ads based on your needs. During your first visit, we’ve informed you about such cookies and requested your permission. You can remove cookies by changing the settings of your browser. By doing so, your browser will not save cookies anymore. Besides this, you can delete earlier saved information in your browser settings.

Accessing, changing or retracting (deleting) personal data

You have the right to view personal data, correct or retract (delete) your personal data. Next, to that, you have the right to retract already given permission regarding the processing of your personal data by Hotel van Dijk V.O.F. and the right to transfer data. (data portability)

This means that you can request an overview of the personal data we possess. This can be sent in a computer file to either you or another organization, named by you.

You can send your request to either: view, correct, retract (delete), transfer, or retraction of permission or object with the processing of your personal data.

A request regarding viewing, correcting, retracting (deleting) can be sent to info@hotelvandijk.nl. Same goes for the transfer of personal data, retraction of permission or an objection regarding the way we process your personal data.

To make sure the request has been done by you we ask you to send a copy of an identification document. Make sure that in this copy the following fields are blacked out: your profile picture, MRZ (machine readable zone, de numbers at the bottom of your passport) your passport number and in case of a Dutch identification document: your Burgerservicenummer (BSN.) This to ensure your privacy. We will send a reply as quickly as possible and intend to do this within 4 weeks of your request. Hotel van Dijk V.O.F. would also like to point out that you have the opportunity to submit a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority (Dutch DPA). This can be done at the following link.

On the following page you can submit a request to view or anonymize your personal data in the database of our website:
Get personal data from database website.

How do we safeguard your personal data

Hotel van Dijk V.O.F. protects your personal data and takes fitting measures against abuse, damage, unauthorized access, unwanted disclosure and clandestine changes. However, If you feel your personal data is not as secured and/protected as you feel is necessary, or find signs of misuse, please get in touch info@hotelvandijk.nl. In case of a data breach, all parties involved will be informed as quickly as possible.

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